Principal's Message(2023-2024)

Principal's Message(2023-2024)

With the local epidemic situation subsiding, our school has been moving steadily forward along the path to normalcy. Through the re-launching of Morning Jog, which had been suspended for three years, the many post-exam activities held as well as several exchange tours to the Greater Bay Area, our students should have witnessed and experienced firsthand the return of vibrant school life in TCCS.

Our various campus infrastructure and renovation projects were ongoing during the summer vacation. In addition to the school library, Multi-media Visual Arts Room, IT & STEM Makerspace, English Learning Centre and other improvement works, we are also welcoming 10 new facilities this academic year. They include:

(1) installation of interactive panels in 10 special rooms

(2) installation of large format displays and a new digital sound system in the school hall

(3) installation of a digital public address system

(4) installation of large format displays, a VR biking system and a trophy display case in the covered playground

(5) addition of a fitness assessment software with optical heart rate sensors

(6) addition of a chip timing system

(7) installation of large format displays and air conditioners in the school lobby

(8) addition of a video conferencing system in Student Activity Centre

(9) installation of air conditioners in the tuck shop

(10) renovation work: Staff Room, General Office, School lobby, Room G01, Medical Room, Social Worker’s Offices and Meeting Rooms

These new facilities do not simply serve to make the school campus more beautiful and comfortable. More importantly, they provide ideal conditions for curriculum optimization and whole-person development so that students’ learning interest and effectiveness can be enhanced. We hope our students will make good use of and cherish these facilities.

This year, our school development will continue to align with the Seven Learning Goals of Secondary Education[1], as well as the major initiatives outlined in the Youth Development Blueprint in the 2022 Policy Address: STEAM, Professional Development of Teachers, Vocational and Professional Education and Training, and National Education[2]. Special emphasis will be placed on national security /national education and broadening students’ horizons. Furthermore, entering the second year of the three-year plan, we are stepping up efforts in addressing our two major concerns: 1) Enhancing learning effectiveness: the incorporation of the 5 Catholic core values in the curriculum, developing students into self-directed learners through the habits of doing pre-lesson preparation and note-taking, and 2) Fulfilling the vision and mission of Catholic education, upholding and passing on the 5 Catholic core values, nurturing students to be self-loving ‘Tung Teens’ and cultivating an empathy-centered school. The school will engage students in reflection at personal, class and committee levels, and we anticipate an improvement in students’ behaviour, motivation, learning attitude and empathy. Alongside the strict enforcement of these development plans, measures to enhance students’ academic performance and stronger class management, we strive to establish right moral values and self-directed learning strategies in our students so that they grow to shine as true ‘Tung Teens’.

God bless,

Lam Chi Kong


[1: Seven Learning Goals of Secondary Education: National and Global Identity, Breath of Knowledge, Language Proficiency, Generic Skills, Information Literacy, Life Planning and Healthy Lifestyle ( ; 2: STEAM, Professional Development of Teachers, Vocational and Professional Education and Training, and National Education (]